Danish Children Growing Up American

Danish Children exhibit
Abbie and son Alaric Krager who live in Missouri Valley viewed the Danish Children Growing up American American photographic exhibit at the Blair Library and Technology Center  during the exhibit opening on Saturday, January 9, 2018.

“Danish Children Growing Up American” is the title of the photographic exhibit now on display at the Blair Library and Technology Center through February 3, 2018.

It was also the title of a presentation by John Mark Nielsen of Blair  which was held in the Conference Center at the Blair Library and Technology Center on Sunday, January 21, 2018.   Nielsen is Executive Director Emeritus of the Museum of Danish America in Elkhorn, Iowa, and Emeritus Professor of English at the former Dana College.

John Mark Nielsen presentation
John Mark Nielsen delivers a “Danish Children Growing Up American” presentation Sunday January 21, 2018 at the Blair Public Library and Technology Center.

In his presentation Nielsen said he wanted to share his observations and put the exhibit in somewhat of a larger context. Nielsen told the audience about his family’s move to Blair in 1962 when his dad joined the faculty at Dana College.

Living in the new family home on Grant Street was when Nielsen first became aware of the cultural diversity of the families in that neighborhood.  He said from this awareness came the understanding that out of many we are one.  He said this exhibit speaks to one group but he hopes that as visitors view the exhibit and reflect on the pictures, they will recognize that many different ethnic groups could share this same story.

John Mark Nielsen presentation
Joe Fryman views the “Danish Children Growing up Aamerican ” photo exhibit at the Blair Library and Technology Center.

Nielsen’s presentation focused on the role of the church, education and cultural traditions that affected the lives of Danish immigrant children. He also talked about why Dana College and its predecessor Trinity Seminary became an important part in what became a national church.

Danish Children exhibit
Library sculpture figures  dressed for winter.


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