Occasional images December 30, 2017

About this time each year I don’t necessarily make resolutions, but I do think about some possible goals and maybe a bucket list for the new year.  One of the first items on my To  Do list for 2018 is make a reservation for a photo blind to view the Sandhill cranes along the Platte river in mid to late March. There is nothing quite like watching wave after wave of birds fly in at sunset and settle on sandbars and listen to them chatter all night.  Before dawn I silently peek out of the  blind’s viewing  slot into the early morning light like child at Christmas attempting to gain a glimpse of Santa.  I literally pray that the birds stay on the river until after sunrise and then wait in anticipation of that deafening beat of maybe a half million wings as the birds rise in mass from the river.

Sandhillk Cranes Rowe Wildlife Sanctuary, Gibbon NE
Sandhill cranes by the thousands head toward the river to roost.

While there may be nothing – anywhere in the world – quite like the Sandhill crane migration along the Platte, there are plenty of natural wonders  in our own backyard as well.  This morning I drove down by the river and then over to Desoto NWR.  As I watched  geese, ducks and swans and wildlife from the comfort of the visitor center, two new thoughts crossed my mind.  One was to go home and fill my own bird feeders before the deep freeze sets in.  Another was to do a better job  of updating my Washington County Journal blog.

DeSoto geese
Swans and geese at DeSoto NWR Dec. 30, 2017

I have kept my blog for over four years now.  Sometimes I get a lot of hits, and sometimes not so much.  For the most part I post my favorite photos from events I have covered for the newspaper and my own personal projects.  I like keeping the blog because it I can showcase some of the photos that I particularly like that may or may not have run in the paper.  In addition, some of my family members and friends ( believe it or not)  are not on social media and would not see my photos on Facebook or Twitter.

My gentleman’s agreement is that I won’t post photos from events that I have photographed for a newspaper assignment until after the publication deadline.  By that time my interest has sometimes cooled, and I neglect or put off publishing them on my blog.

My new “resolution” or at least goal for the new year is to pay more attention to my blog and post fewer photos directly to Facebook.   I also plan to post some  “occasional images” – random images and visual poetry that catch my eye while I am out shooting the next newspaper assignment of personal project.  Happy New Year!




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