Pumpkin fun at South School

Who would have thought that practicing reading, math and science skills could be so much fun?  For more than a dozen years, South School first grade teacher Mariann Andersen has been hauling a pickup load of oversize pumpkins from sister and brother-in-law Rose and Bob Helgoth’s 40 acre patch in St. Libory, NE for this pumpkin fun activity. Each of the pumpkins weighs anywhere from 20 to 50 pounds.

Pumpkin Fun South School

During the Wednesday afternoon activity, parents join in to help supervise, tote the pumpkins, and wield the knives and cutting tools.  Teams of four students to a pumpkin read and follow the instructions in the booklet as they read, record, estimate, weigh, measure and count lines and seeds.  They also read the directions and measure and mix the ingredients to make a batch of pumpkin muffins.

Pumpkin Fun South School
Parent Ashley Bacon watches as a student weighs her pumpkin.

Teachers Anderson and Julia Warner enjoy doing this activity year after year because it gives the students an opportunity to practice math, science and reading skills, and because it is a great way to get the parents involved in a learning activity with their children.  Over 30 parents and grandparents helped with the activity.

“It’s exhausting, but fun!” Warner said.

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