Preparation Canyon revisited

Preparation Canyon sign.
Main entrance toe Preparation Canyon State Park.

When I made my Loess Hills excursion two weeks ago, I passed by the park without really stopping to look around.  This time I parked at one of the picnic areas and made a four or five mile trek up and down the hills and trails into the heart of the park. I would warn against walking some of these trails in heavy winds. I found some good sized limbs and even full sized fallen trees blocking trails at various points.  As you might expect in these hills, some of the trails are quite steep.  If you park at one of the picnic areas along the made area and walk down the trails, eventually you are going to climb back up.  While the trails are marked, they are not labeled, which can be confusing.  While the trails are not numbered, the campsites are.  Referring to the campsite on the map helped my orientation and determining where I was in the park.  There are ten hike in campsites and most are easily accessible from a small parking lot on the eastern edge of the park.  Some of the sites are secluded, and others open and airy, I definitely look forward camping here at some future date. The nice thing about parking on the east parking lot is that the terrain is more varied.  I also prefer walking up into the hills and make the return going downhill.
I loved the solitude – didn’t see one soul on my visit.  The park is a bit primitive, and in my mind, that’s a good thing.  Next time I will be more comfortable with the trail system.  I look forward to returning again and again.

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