Little Sioux

River flowing at sunset
Little Sioux River in Monona County, Iowa.

After a pleasant hike along the trails at Preparation Canyon in the Loess Hills, I stopped at the observation deck to watch the sunset, and then headed west into the river valley.  As I crossed a bridge over the Little Sioux River I did a double take when I saw the twilight reflecting off the water. The wind had dropped and the water reflected a wispy cloud and the evening star.  As I made my way back home along gravel roads, it seemed like I could not help but bump into pictures.  The lights in the distance to the left of  the river is from  a combine and tractor on the Rick Stanislav farm.  As I passed along the county road, Rick was standing on top of his grain truck as his son Jay topped off the trailer with harvested corn.

Silohette of an standing on grain trailer
Rick Stanislav and son Jay load grain trailer.
Row of grain bins at night,
Night work. Farmers unload grain into bins near Modale IA.

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